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What is Obesity?

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How Surgery works

The changes bought about by weight loss surgery are a 'tool' to restrict your energy intake so that you will burn up your fat stores.

Weight loss surgery is one type of obesity treatment which is almost guaranteed to help you lose weight, but like all good tools, it works best in the hands of a worker (you) who is well trained!

Obesity surgery or obesity treatment works by helping to reduce the number of calories that are available in your body. There are two ways this can be achieved surgically :

  • Restriction - by reducing the size of the stomach, only small meals can be eaten     and the appetite is satisfied
  • Malabsorption - by bypassing part of the small intestine, less calories from food     are absorbed by the body

The operations that work by restriction are:

  • Gastric band
  • Sleeve gastrectomy

The operations that work by a combination of restriction and malabsorption are:

  • Gastric Bypass
  • Bilopancreatic diversion
  • Duodenal switch

Although the type of operation is an important factor in how much weight you will lose, a big part of the obesity treatment is your willingness to change your eating and lifestyle habits to ensure you have the most successful outcome.


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