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Patient's Experiences

Let me introduce myself first ,well i am Komal i am a psychologist and a counsellor by profession.I would like to just give a brief about how my life has changed after bariatic surgery .And let me tell you my friends it is not something fake many a people have actually asked me if i have actually gone through the procedure or not or i am just someone whom Dr.Mittal has hired for fake rumors but let me tell u all who might be reading this message of mine that life has actually changed in real means after this procedure. I had put on a lot of weight after my child birth many problems started cropping up like hypothyroidism, knee pains , irregularity or absolutely no periods .

I had gone from 60kgs.to90kgs.. I tried almost anything to everything to loose weight from gymming to expensive diets to body care to Ayurveda stuff and what not and that was not all it was giving me tight to my self esteem i would say as people just don't let you live if you are fat there are no smart clothes available everyone will give you diet tips everyone will everyday tease you yaar why don't you do something for your weight as if we have done some crime people actually make you feel like criminals seriously it is such a traumatic thing it effects the psyche very badly it is actually to die everyday as i am writing this i know people who will read this must be going through all this everyday i can understand the pain and anger inside . oh, its getting too much but still i would always love to share my experience with all the people who are fat and want to be fit. So, let me come back one day i went to my gynaecologist Dr.Neeru very tensed and tired of my weight so she advised me to seek help from Dr. Tarun Mittal and he explained me all about the sleeve surgery and the process and he assured me of the best results and a better life ahead .

After giving a lot of thought and see majorly it is your life and your decisions so don't involve many people as everyone has his or her own thinking and not many people understand what we go through so do what you think is right and the confidence came in as one of my friend has also gone through this procedure say 2 -3 years back and she was not able to conceive and now after the surgery she is  a mother of a cute baby boy .So i underwent the surgery in September 2010. The procedure took a few hours and i was discharged within 3 days .The 10th day i had even started driving and now i am back to my normal self the old beautiful confident komal and with a great zeal to live .

Let me tell you my friends this one year has changed my life completely and i am thankful to Dr.Tarun.Mittal and his team to transform me .There are no complications involved . I am absolutely living a normal life and eating and enjoying everything from veg. to non-veg.My message to all the people who want to loose weight and get rid of weight related issues must go through this procedure . And after one year of the procedure its me a new komal writing this experience of mine and now i am so much healthier i dance for 2 hours everyday climb up the stairs 10-12 times a day , drive through Delhi roads the whole day and at the end of the day still fresh and and never ever tired . I am loving my life . Thanks once again to Dr.Tarun Mittal for giving me a new life .In the end i would just say i owe my new life to Dr. Mittal .

This was my journey from fat to fit . And i am loving it.

i was obese, i was 120 kgs & i was so depressed about it. in yr 2001 i got a major road accident. i got 3 clots in my head the blood came out through my mouth & nose because of this i m alive now. but the side effect of medicines s that i became obese. at the time of accident i was 70 kgs but after that i became 95 kgs. i reduced my weight 3 times with the help of medicines. but i gained it again. at last i got 120 kgs. i had many probs b coz of obesity i felt tired allways, feel sleepy every time. lack of stemina etc etc. i heard about operation of stomach on tv & i found that the person who got operation lost their desise too. these operations gave them new life. i got a new & last hope for me too. i went to sir gangaram hospital & met dr. tarun mittal. he told me all about operation & made me fear free. i took decision for operation & took appointment for the surgery. on 27th july 2011 i got operated. with in 3 days i lost 4 kgs of weight. now 2nd jan 2012  six months after surgery i m 95kgs i lost 25kgs now i dont feel tire, no sleepyness, now i go for work dailf i spend hrs in market. i look better no shame in come in front of people too. thanx to Dr.Ttarun Mittal 

Tthanx & Regards :
Upender Singh Mathur

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